Marias New Job

My wife’s name is Maria. She speaks with a slight accent, but not much; just enough to make her seem exotic. She was born in America, but she actually likes to let people think she is from somewhere else. She enjoys keeping people, especially men, guessing. Her skin is naturally a nice bronze color, and she doesn’t bother tanning at all. She thinks it’s funny that other women are always trying to get their skin to look like hers. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs less than 100 pounds. She has long dark brown hair, down to her waist. She is strong for her size, with a very firm little butt, and her breasts are a wonderful mouthful. She used to just trim her pubic hair short, but a few years ago she began waxing it. She hates doing it, but the result is so nice and smooth she keeps it waxed now.

She trained as a masseuse when she was young, and started working professionally as a masseuse soon after she turned 19. It’s true these days she calls herself a massage therapist, but when she first started she called herself a masseuse. She thought the exotic sound of being a masseuse matched her exotic looks and speech, but, sadly, too many men assume masseuses are prostitutes, so she took up using the therapist title. So, her first job was working for a gym, giving massages to members. She did have to gently fend off a few advances in her first job. After all, she is beautiful and very sexy. But the place she worked was obviously not a front for prostitution, so men who were looking for sex for hire didn’t go there. They actually just wanted massages. There were several women who wanted massages, too, but Maria says most of her clients were men.

A few years later we moved to another city, and Maria found another job as a massage therapist. She went to the interview, then came home and said she needed to talk to me about the job. They offered her a job, but she said the place obviously wasn’t only about massages. She told me she had talked with the girl who interviewed her, who was named Nancy, and told Nancy she wouldn’t be doing anything but giving massages. Nancy told her that would be fine, but Maria would need to wear the costume they all wore, and turn out for the lineup each time a customer came in, unless she was giving a massage. To Maria and I this sounds very much like what we heard cat houses were like, and it certainly didn’t sound like legitimate massage therapy. In any case, Maria wanted to work, and thought it might be fun to try working in such a salon, even if she quit soon.

The reason she had to speak with me before taking the job was because Nancy said I had to see the uniform she would be wearing and tell Nancy it was OK for Maria to work in it before she would hire my wife. So I had to go in, and view the lineup for myself. It was rather fun. The girls knew I wasn’t a prospective customer, but lined up for a few seconds before going their own ways. For her last job Maria had worn a nurses outfit. The uniform these girls wore was similar, in that it consisted of a nurses uniform top, but they weren’t wearing the uniform pants. I was pretty sure I caught a glimpse of little pairs of panties under those tops.

After the other girls had gone Nancy came to speak with me, and asked me if it was OK for Maria to wear just a uniform top with just white panties on her bottom. With that, Nancy lifted the bottom hem of her top up high, and showed off her tiny sheer panties. I could see just how she had trimmed her pussy hair, through her panties. Nancy said any white panties would do, they didn’t need to be like hers. Nancy also pointed out all the girls were braless, and Maria would need to be, also. She mentioned they also wore sandals, but that detail didn’t seem too important.

Well, I certainly could see why Maria had said she knew this place wasn’t like her old place. I also knew Maria had seen the uniform before, and spoken with Nancy about it, but still wanted me to see it and give my approval, so she could take the job, even if only for a short while. I must admit, even as sexually liberal as I am, this uniform took me by surprise. At first I was going to say no way to this. But Maria was standing there holding my hand, gazing into my eyes, giving me a very sexy little smile. As I stood there thinking about it, I began to think having my nubile little wife prancing around in just her panties covered by a short uniform top might be fun. So I said OK, she could try it.

In those days we had only one car, and Maria had to take the bus to work, and I told her I would pick her up each evening after work. As I waited for her the first evening of her work I was amazed at how exciting it was to me to think of her being in their giving men massages while she was only half dressed, if I could call it even that much dressed. After she came out from work she settled into the car, with a sexy little smile on her face. When I asked her how it went, she told me it went fine. I asked her if she enjoyed it, and she said she did. As I drove her home, my own imagination was driving me wild, while she was just being coy.

As it turned out, though, while my thoughts had ranged into very naughty territory about what may have happened during her first day of work, she finally laughed, and told me nothing happened, other than giving massages while wearing next to nothing. She said a couple of the guys did try to unzip her top, which happened to be one she had which actually zipped all the way down the front, but she didn’t let them unzip it. She pointed out this was actually nothing new, as guys had been trying that from time to time even at her old job. But she did find it exciting to be giving massages while wearing just panties, and not her pants for the uniform. We stayed up much too late taking advantage of the sexual charge this new job of hers had given us.

During the first week of her new job Maria asked me just what would be OK for her to do, or let the guys do. When she first asked about it I thought about it a few minutes, while I played with her warm and willing body, and decided I thought it would be OK if she let some guy unzip her top, if she wanted. She seemed to think that might be fun, and rewarded me well for permission. Now, many people reading this might think a woman shouldn’t need permission to do what she wants, but that’s the way we are, and it works well for us. So Maria had permission to let some guy unzip her top. I was secretly wondering just what some guys would do if they got that far, and just what she might let them do. We left all that unsaid, as we enjoyed another romp in bed.

The next day was Saturday, and I took Maria to work, and dropped her off. She said she had butterflies, and bounced off to the door. That evening Maria came dashing out and hopped into the car, leaned over and grabbed my head with both hands, and stuck her tongue into my mouth. After the kiss she blurted out “Three guys unzipped my top today!”



“And, is that all they did? You know, little girl, I kinda doubt they just unzipped your top and then just put their hands down like good little boys.”

“Hmm” she said, as she rolled her eyes up skyward. “I guess I shoulda guessed they would think getting to unzip my top meant they could do other things, too.” Then she just smiled and watched me as I drove. It was getting tough to concentrate on driving, just then.

After a while, I finally had to pry. “And just what else did they try to do? And… what else did you let them do?”

She laughed, and said “Well, all three of ’em played with my tits! One even tried to get my top all the way off, but I didn’t let ‘im do that. But he sure grabbed my tits every time I got close enough for him to, even though I told him I’m not supposed to do that. The other two guys only played with my tits a little, and then behaved themselves, but that one guy, wow, he just wanted to spend all his time pawing me. He kept squeezing my tits, and pinching my nipples.”

Even though I had suspected if she let a guy unzip her top he would, of course, go for her tits it was still shocking to hear her say it. And exciting. I was surprised at how much it excited me. Then she said “You know, I think Nancy and Sissy were doing more than giving massages. When they come out after a massage, they’re pretty, hmm, their hair is pretty messy.”


“Well, you know, their hair is all over, and they have to go brush it. And Sissy was putting her top back on several times today. When I asked Nancy about it, she said fucking was against the rules, so she wouldn’t do that. But, then said letting guys give her a massage was OK, though.” Maria seemed pensive, and nervous, as she told me this. This is something I hadn’t heard of before, or thought of. When I asked Maria if she’d ever heard of this before, she said “Nope.” Once we got home, and hurried into the apartment, I asked Maria to go on.

Maria told me Nancy said the rules just said no fucking, but didn’t say a guy getting a girl naked was wrong, and guys giving the girls massages was common. Maria said “I asked if that meant she was naked, letting a guy give her a massage. She wouldn’t answer me, but she said if that’s what a guy wanted, and a girl was willing to do it, it was fine. The rules allowed it. Maria and I were both probably still thinking about this later, when we made love that night. I mentioned, when we were done rolling around for the night, that I bet a guy giving a hotty like Nancy a massage sure wouldn’t avoid massaging her sexy bits. Maria laughed, and said she bet that’s about all the guys would spend their time massaging.

Sunday I took Maria shopping. We went to the mall, and I bought her a few new pairs of panties. These were tiny, and sheer, just like the ones Nancy had worn. Then we went home, and she modeled her new panties for me, with her uniform top on. I kept unzipping the top, and she would zip it up after she put on each new pair of panties. We had a lot of fun that night.

Maria had Sunday off, and Monday and Tuesday as well. I didn’t know what she would choose to wear on Wednesday, but when she came bouncing out to the car after work she told me which pair of panties she had chosen to wear that day. She wore the smallest most sheer pair of her new panties. I would have guessed she wouldn’t have chosen that pair. They were thong panties, and she is normally quite shy, especially in public. I hadn’t been able to get her to wear a thong bikini to the beach, for instance, because she said the guys would pay too much attention to her butt hanging out, and it would embarrass her. She told me that when I was trying to get her to buy a thong bikini, when we were vacationing in Key West. I couldn’t help but point out how appropriate feeling embarrassed would be if she wore a thong. She had laughed, but still wouldn’t get a thong bikini. But here she was, wearing a tiny white sheer thong bikini at work, with just a uniform top besides.

I asked her just who got to see her new little panties, today. She was coy, and played with her long dark hair, while I drove home. “Oh, well, it was a slow day. The girls liked ’em.” After we got home, I could finally question her without worrying about running off the road. It turned out none of the guys had unzipped her top that day, though. But she loved how it got me going to think maybe some had. I had to tease her about how it sure seemed to get her going to.

Thursday evening she was bubbly, as usual, when she got out to the car. She said she had a couple things to tell me, but she was going to wait till we got home. All I could do was roll my eyes, and drive. Once I got her on the bed I pulled her pants off her, and teased her about her choice of panties for that day. She was wearing another sheer pair. She said “Oh, by the way, two guys got my top open today. They seemed to really like the panties.” While we made love I asked her just what they did once they had her top open. She told me they both massaged her tits, a lot. When I asked her if they did any more than that, she said “No, I didn’t let ’em do anything else.” After we had both come, hard, she asked me “Would you like me to let them touch me somewhere else?” I had to think about it for a while, and admit that while the idea of them touching her pussy might seem exciting I thought we shouldn’t go there.

Maria was a virgin when we met, but we enjoyed a rich sex life, and had on one occasion swapped with another couple we knew. It was great fun watching Maria get her first prick other than mine, while I fucked another woman. But this was totally different. The couple where friends, and there was a hot babe to satisfy me while Maria got fucked. Letting a strange guy feel up my wife’s tits was exciting, but I felt I would get jealous if she actually let a strange man feel her cute little pussy. So we decided she wouldn’t let them do more than feel up her tits. She certainly did enjoy letting strange men do that to her, it turned out.

Friday was a busy day at her work. After she gave me a hot kiss she said she was tired, and leaned her seat back and stretched. Then she looked over at me, laughed, and said she had a lot of fun at work today, but she spent nearly all day on her feet. When we got home I asked her to spill the beans, and tell me all about her day. She teased me about never being this interested in her day before. I had to laugh, and agree. Finally she relented, and began telling me about her day. She had 4 guys unzip her top! One of them had actually gotten it off of her, and she just went on massaging him in just her panties. Well, she did wear her little sandals, too.

When I got Maria’s pants off I found she had worn sheer lace boyleg panties. I mentioned that these didn’t show much of her butt, like the thong did, and she just sighed, and said it didn’t matter. She always faced the client while massaging him. She said “I can tell the guys like me wearing sheer panties, but since they don’t get to see my butt, what the panties look like in back don’t matter.” I was surprised see she was enjoying showing off so much. And it excited me.

Then she said she’d have to get a thong bikini after all, sometime. She was sure if she wore one on the beach lots of guys would be looking at her butt cheeks hanging out, and that idea appealed to her, now. Our night of lust lasted well into the morning, as she described how the guys had massaged her tits. She had let them paw her tits only for a little while before she stepped out of reach, and told them she couldn’t do that. They had behaved themselves after that, and just looked at her while she finished their massages. She said it turned her on to have ’em look at her.

I laughed, and asked “You mean they gave up that easily?” She said maybe she had to step out of reach a couple times with one guy, but he wasn’t too persistent. I had to wonder aloud “Just what would you do if a guy didn’t give up?” She didn’t answer me. Little did I know just how I would learn the answer to this question.

Saturday came, and I took Mary to work. She wore her tiny sheer thong panties again, looking into my eyes sexily, wondering aloud if some guy would see her butt today. It was tough to think about anything besides my cute little Maria, running around nearly naked in front of strange men, and the day drug by. I was waiting for her in the parking lot when she got off work. She got into the car with a cheery smile on her face, leaned over and gave me a hot kiss, and said “Home, James.” I laughed, and headed home.

“So, I guess you had a fun day at work today.”

“Yep, sure did.”

“Gonna tell me about it, little tease?”

“Oh, I suppose I might.”

The banter went on ’till we got home, and into our bedroom, where I was slowly undressing her, asking her just what happened. She asked me to leave her top and panties on, and she put her sandals back on after I got her pants off her. Then she told me to lay down, and she would show me. She said it would be hard to show me at home, since she used a massage table at work, and not a bed, and the bed was much lower, but it would just have to do.

Then she said “Oh, wait.” and she had me stand next to the bed, and told me to pretend we were outside the room. “How long would you like your massage to be, sir?” she said, treating me like I was a customer. I told her an hour would be nice. She said “That’ll be 200 dollars, please.” She held out her cute little hand and waited. I had 200 bucks on me, as it turned out, and she actually made me give it to her! Once she had the money in hand said to follow her, and she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom door, reached in, got a towel and handed it to me, and told me to take a shower. “I’ll be waiting for you when you get out.” I took a very fast shower, and hung the towel over my shoulders when I was done, and came out of the bathroom.

I could see she blushed, even though with her complexion it isn’t easy to see. She said she forgot to tell me to put the towel on before coming out of the shower. The customer always wore the towel around his waist after showering. After I got the towel arranged properly she took my hand and let me back to the bedroom. I saw there were oils set out on the nightstand. She had me lay on the bed, on my stomach, and mentioned it was very important to never break contact with the customer once the massage had started. She had to keep a hand on me somewhere at all times.

She had me lay on my stomach and began massaging me, starting with my neck, and slowly worked her way down, then skipped over the towel and slid her fingers down my legs and starting working on my feet, and up my legs. She had me roll over then, and moved back up to my shoulders. “This’s when the guys usually unzip my top.” I, of course, reached up and unzipped her top, while she was massaging my neck and shoulders. Then she said “The guy who really liked my tits last Saturday was back again today.” I could see she was blushing again, and she started to say something, then stopped. Then she said “I let him take it off this time.” I reached up and slid her top off her shoulders, and she let it fall off one arm first, then the other, keeping one hand on me at all times.

Once her top was off, I reached up and began massaging her tits, squeezing them, and then pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumb, like she had described that client had done. She took quite a while to slowly massage her way down my front, and out of reach. She skipped over the towel, and went to work on my feet, and on up my legs. When she got up to the towel again, I could see she was blushing again, even more than before, and she said “You know, I learned today there’s no rule about a guy wearing the towel once we’re inside the massage room.” With that she reached up and pulled the towel from around my waist. I raised my butt to let her pull it away completely, and she kept her gaze averted, looking at the floor. Then she went back to massaging me, starting again at my shoulders, and I reached up and massaged her tits some more.

I laughed, and asked her just when the guy had shed his towel, today. She was slow in answering, but finally said he had dropped it as soon as they had gotten to the room, and he was laying there with his butt naked while she massaged him. She kept massaging me, working down to my waist, then skipped down to my toes, tracing her fingers down my side. By this time I was as hard as I’ve ever been. I asked, “Oh, by the way, was he hard while you were massaging him?” She swallowed, and nervously said something about being pretty sure lots of guys had been hard while she massaged them, ever since she had started as a masseuse.

While she worked on my calves, she nodded her head, and gave me a mischievous smile, glancing at my hardon, then at my face. “I’ve never worked on a naked man before today, except you.” Then after a long pause she said “Yes, he was hard while I was massaging him. He was hard when he turned over, and he was hard the whole time he was on his back.” She reached the top of my thighs, and then trailed her fingers along my side as she worked her way back up to my shoulders.

I began massaging her tits again. They are small, wonderful handfuls, and her nipples stand up hard, about half an inch from her beautiful areola. They were hard then. “He didn’t just massage my titties. As soon as he got my top off today, he put one hand on my butt. He complimented me on wearing a thong, and had me turn around to show him my butt! While I was letting him look he reached between my legs, and tried to put a finger inside my panties. I told him I couldn’t do that, and I had to move down to massage his legs.” While she said this I had reached to grab her butt, and she mimicked how she had showed him her butt, changing hands touching me, and turning around, while I squeezed her butt cheek, and slipped my fingers between her legs. I slid my index finger back and forth along her crotch, pushing up into her pussy through her panties. I could feel her wetness, soaked through her panties. Then I tried to put a finger inside her panties, and she slid down to massage my legs.

“Hmm. Just how long did you let him keep his fingers between your legs before you moved?” I asked.

She smiled, and said “Until he tried to get a finger inside my panties.” She continued massaging my legs, slowly working her way up to my thighs. “After all, we agreed they couldn’t finger my pussy, and they really aren’t fingering me if they don’t get inside my panties.”

I thought that was a point which could be argued, but it didn’t matter to me. I could accept her definition, because it was very hot to think of her letting a guy finger her through her panties. I had thought I would be more jealous than excited, but I wasn’t. I was glad she hadn’t let him finger fuck her, but the idea of him fingering her pussy through her very flimsy sheer panties was a real turn on. “Did you like being fingered?”

Maria kept massaging me, blushing furiously. Then she said “Yes. Yes, I did.”

“But you moved away when he tried to get into your panties?”

“Yes. I told him I couldn’t do that. He asked me what I couldn’t do, and I told him I couldn’t let him touch me inside my panties.”



“Then what happened?”

“Then I massaged his legs, up to the top of his thighs, and moved up to his shoulders again.” As she said this she moved up to my shoulders again. “After all, I had to skip his shoulders before, and a proper massage should include massaging his shoulders, too.” I put one hand on her tit, and the other on her butt, pulled her hip next to my chest, and slid my fingers between her legs from behind, pushing up against her panties, pushing her panties up into the slit of her pussy, rubbing her back and forth.

Suddenly Maria’s tummy began rippling, and her legs started shaking, and she leaned over and held herself up with both hands, as she trembled in orgasm. She fell on top of me, and began smothering me with kisses, and I kept my hand in her crotch, continuing to massage her pussy through her panties. Then she hunched her hips toward me, and stopped kissing me, and came again, her eyes closed, coming hard again. I could feel her heartbeat racing, as she lay across my chest, and I could feel her pussy contracting over and over, with my fingers pushed against her sex.

After she calmed down I asked her if she had come when her customer was massaging her pussy, through her panties. She smiled, and said “No. Almost, but I didn’t. I had to think of other things, ’cause I was sooooo close to coming. But I didn’t think it would be right.” I had to agree with her, it might not be right. I could imagine what he might be able to get away with doing to her if she was in the throws of an orgasm. While I was imagining just what might have happened Maria slid down my body and took my hardon into her dainty mouth, and sucked hard and fast, quickly getting me to come in her mouth. She swallowed, and licked my cock clean. Then we made passionate love, and made love again.

The next week was just more of the same on Wednesday through Friday. Guys would paw her tits, and they kept their towels on, and she kept her top on. She did tell me about a conversation with Nancy she had Wednesday, about just what was the right way to react when a guy dropped his towel during a massage. Maria said Nancy had laughed and said “It’s up to you, baby, but what I do is massage ’em, just like any other part of ’em.” Maria expected Nancy to go into more detail, but Nancy didn’t, even when Maria asked, specifically, just what she should do about their front side. Nancy had laughed, and told Maria “Like I said, what I do is massage ’em like it’s any other part of ’em.”

Maria told me she was surprised by that, and kept pestering Nancy to be more detailed. Nancy told Maria to just do what she was comfortable with, and mentioned again the only rule was no fucking. I couldn’t help but ask Maria if Nancy thought oral sex wasn’t fucking. I doubted the police would have agreed with that, if that’s what she thought. Maria couldn’t say, and said she was sure Nancy wouldn’t say. I could only laugh and shake my head.

Then it was Saturday again, and I dropped Maria off at work. She had worn her more sedate white panties during the other days of that week, but on Saturday she wore her sheer thong again. I could only laugh as I saw her bouncing off to work.

When she got out of work that night she was as bubbly as ever, and smiled coyly as she got in the car, leaning over and giving me an especially hot kiss. I could smell her sex, and see that the crotch of her pants were wet. When I tried to ask her questions, she just said I had to wait till we got home. She kept smiling as I drove us home.

After we got into the apartment she snuggled up to me and said she had a lot of fun at work. I asked her if her regular had been back in, and she said “Yep. He sure was.”


“Well, let’s see. I guess I should mention he dropped his towel again, as soon as we got into the room, just like last week. I had him get on the table, and I massaged his shoulders and arms, and his back, then his feet and his legs. And I did it, I massaged his butt.” She was flushed and obviously excited while she was telling me this. “Oh, and he didn’t wait ’till he turned over to put his hand between my legs, either. He started petting me between my legs while he was laying on his stomach. Oh, it felt sooooo good. But I didn’t let him do it long. I moved down to his back pretty quick, so I wouldn’t get too excited.”

I was sucking on her nipples, while she was telling me about her day, as well as fingering her pussy through her panties. Then she said “Oh, and he did that, too.”


“He sucked on my tits.”

Well, this was certainly news.

“But I’m getting confused. That was later. let me see. Oh, yes, he was fingering me through my panties right away. Then I moved away after just a little bit of that. But I massaged his feet, and legs, and right up to his butt. It’s the first time I’ve massaged someone else’s butt!”

I knew she meant someone other than me.

“It was exciting, getting to touch his butt. I massaged it for a long time, and even slipped my fingers into his crack. I think I touched his butthole more than once, and even his balls.”

I could see Maria was as red as she’s ever been, while she was telling me this. I was still rubbing her crotch, through her panties, while she was telling her story, but she was obviously blushing deeply, also.

“Then he turned over, before I told him to. He was hard, and I was standing right there by his hips. I had my hands on his butt when he turned over, and his prick hit my hands as he turned over. I just stood there for a while, not sure what to do. Then he told me to ‘move up here’, and I did, keeping one hand on his prick, just resting there. He reached one hand up to grab my tit, and he put his other hand on my butt. He pulled me up against his chest, and slid his fingers between my legs. I started massaging his prick!”

I turned over, and told Maria to “get up here”, and she moved up by my chest. I slid my hand around behind her butt, and into her crotch, pulling her tight against me. Maria’s pussy was on fire. Her juices were flowing out around the sides of her panties.

While I slid my fingers up and down the crease of her pussy, through her panties, she said “His fingers were between my legs. Rubbing me. Outside my panties.” Her eyes were closed, as I mimicked what her customer had done to her.

“Then his fingers were inside my panties! And I just couldn’t stop him. He was wiggling his fingers in my pussy, and it just felt so good.” She looked at me then, and said “I’m sorry, Peter, I just couldn’t say no.” What was I to say? She was steadily jerking me off while I fingered her, moving my fingers from outside her panties to inside. She said “I came. I was standing over him, then I was leaning down on his chest, and my tits were pushed down on him, and he was holding me, and pushing his fingers into my pussy, and I came. He kept finger fucking me, and I came again, and I think I came again after that, too. It was soooooo good.”

“He asked me to eat him, after I came, but I just couldn’t. I told him I couldn’t. He sighed, and asked me to please do something for him.” I could tell my little wife was on the verge of an orgasm at this point, and I began pushing my fingers into her faster and deeper, sliding up behind her pubic bone. She collapsed onto me, and came, jerking gently, while her legs shook, and her pussy rhythmically tightened on my fingers. She grunted softly with each spasm of her pussy, and went limp when her orgasm was over. I kept fingering her, urging her on, knowing she can come as long as I keep stimulating her.

She picked up her head, and I could see the sweat on her brow, and her hair was getting wet. She said “Oh, wow. Uh, oh, so, I came. Just like that. Then he wanted me to eat him. But I couldn’t. So I grabbed his cock and began squeezing and stroking him, and then moved my little titties down to rub on him. He groaned when I did that! He still had his fingers in me, and I was jerking him off hard.”

I came. Her story was just too exciting for me to hold out longer. I had to grab her hands and tell her to take it easy. She had a glazed look in her eyes, and apologized, and leaned down and kissed my cock. “He wanted me to kiss his cock, like I’m kissing yours.” She licked my cock. “He wanted me to lick it, like I’m licking yours!” I was already hard again, and she began sucking on the head of my cock, sucking what come was left on it into her mouth. “I pulled him against my tit, and rubbed him and squeezed him, and he came. His come shot on my tits and my neck. I was such a naughty wife! I was so naughty.”

She went on, saying “He still had over half an hour of massage left. He’d paid for an hour. I thought a lot more time’d gone by, but it was only about 25 minutes. After he came, I wiped his come up, and he pulled me up, and began sucking on my tits. I let him. I rubbed his cock with one hand while he sucked my tits. I was sooooo excited.

After a while he got hard again, and he wanted me to eat him. He said it would be good. He said I jerked him off, so I should blow him next. I told him I couldn’t, though. I massaged his balls, and his cock, and he sucked on my tits, going from one to the other, sucking them into his mouth. His fingers wiggled inside me, getting me soooo excited. Then he put his hand on my head, and guided my head down toward his cock. My mouth was next to his cock, and I kept rubbing him with my hand. He was holding my head, and pushing my mouth toward his cock, It was almost in my mouth, and he was fingering me, pushing his fingers deep into me. He was finger fucking me, moving his fingers inside me, in and out of me.”

She went back to sucking on the head of my cock, and I pulled her onto the bed, and rolled us onto our sides, burying my mouth in her crotch. I sucked her clit into my mouth, catching it gently between my teeth, and rubbed my tongue across it fast and hard. She came again, hard, and I stopped sucking on her for a minute, and then went back to eating her. I got a finger into her, and slid it gently in and out. I knew she would be coming again soon, if I kept eating her. Then I felt her pussy rhythmically tightening on my finger, and her butt flexing, instinctively pushing her crotch toward my mouth, as she came again. Her stomach tightened over and over, and her legs began shaking, and she pushed them out straight.

Then she said, after she had calmed down a little, “But he wanted me to suck him. He pushed my mouth onto him. I couldn’t help it. I kissed it. I put it in my mouth, and licked it, and sucked on it. He held my head. He was fingering me, and I had his prick in my mouth. He was pushing his fingers inside me, and I came, again. Then he started pushing my head up and down, holding my hair, and I sucked on him. I kept pumping his prick with my hand, while I sucked on him. Then he came in my mouth. I let him come in my mouth. I swallowed his come. I kept his cock in my mouth, and kept licking it. He held my head there, and I just kept sucking on him, and licking him, until someone knocked on the door to let me know time was up. I know I shouldn’t have. But I did. I did it.”

We enjoyed that evening. We hadn’t talked about her giving head to a customer, but we both found it exciting. I worried about her catching some disease, but we were lucky, and we dodged that bullet. I was worried about the fact she said he forced her to eat him, but she shyly said “But I liked it.”

It turns out she quit that night, before leaving, telling them she wouldn’t be back. She was pretty sure the next time her regular came back he would want to fuck her, and she wouldn’t be able to say no. She didn’t want to be a prostitute. When I mentioned she gave him head for money, she just laughed and asked “Is oral sex really sex?” I can’t argue that point, one way or another. But I gotta say, after hearing about her night, it sure sounds like oral sex is really sex.

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