Just Like Old Times

Teri just had to get away from it all. She had just buried her husband a little over three months ago, and everything around her reminded her of him. After thirty seven years of marriageto such a wonderful man, it was hard to get up in the morning and face the day! Teri’s two grown daughters were getting worried about their mother’s state of mind, and finally insisted that she get away for a few days, just to kind of relax and let her batteries recharge. She didn’t want to go somewhere that she and Tom had visited, so it was decided that she would spend a week in New York City and take in a few shows, and see all of the sights. They’d talked about doing it for years, but never got around to it, so Teri’s daughters figured that this would be the perfect time!

Teri wouldn’t have given their little plan a chance in hell of working, but much to her delight, she was actually having a good time! Cats and Les Miz were more fantastic than she hadever imagined they’d be, the Guggenheim had more stunning art in one place than was imaginable, and the food, well it was just magnificent! New York had turned out being the tonicthat made her see that it was possible to have a life after Tom, in fact, she was planning on making Manhattan a yearly destination!

In a city the size of New York, especially when you’re a total stranger, you don’t expect to meet someone out of your past, but for Teri, her life was about to take twist that was completely unexpected, and that moment came at the check out line at Bloomingdale’s department store. While she was paying for a new pair of leather gloves for her younger daughter, she noticed a very attractive woman staring at her from across the room. She tried to ignore her, but the woman was being so obvious, that the sales lady even commented that she thought her “friend “ was trying to get her attention.

Teri paid for her purchase and quickly made her way to the front door where she felt a hand on her arm and the question, “Teri, is that you!?!” She spun around, not sure how to react, but in an instant recognized the face from over forty years ago in college, “Victoria,” she asked!?!
“I wasn’t sure it was you,” exclaimed Victoria, “what’s it been, forty years now!?!” “You look fabulous, Vicki,” gushed Teri, while looking over her long lost friend! ”You too,” chimed inVicki, “what on earth are you doing in New York, Teri, I thought you were living in the midwest somewhere?!?” “I am,” replied Teri, “I’m just here on a little vacation courtesy of my two daughters, I recently lost my husband and they thought a trip would do me good!” “Oh, Teri, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, how many years were you married,” asked Vicki? “Uh, thirty seven,” Teri answered quickly, “say, let’s not talk here, how about we go some place where we can sit down?” “Good idea,” responded Vicki, “and I know just the spot!” The two woman, stillgabbing away, left the store and took off down Fifth Ave, they had a lot of years to make up for!!!”

The coffee shop was dark and quiet, just spot for two old friends to reminisce about old times.“Where are you staying,” asked Vicki, while taking a sip of her cafe’ mocha? “At the Crown Plaza,” replied Teri, “over by Times Square.” “Well,” Vicki intoned, “I’ll have my girl get your things and bring them over to my place, you’re not spending another night in a hotel!” Teri started to protest but Vicki just cut her off with, “Listen, girl, as long as you’re in my town you always have a place to stay!” After a little more discussion, Teri finally agreed to move out of her hotel and into Vicki’s co-op apartment. Teri found out that Vicki had never married, and had basically lived the life of the idle rich, a trust fund baby by way of her father’s oil company. Talk of college and the good old days brought laughs and sighs from both women, where had the time gone!?! After leaving the coffee shop, Vicki hailed a cab and gave the driver a Park Avenue address, ten minutes later they were on their way up to Vicki’s apartment on the thirty third floor. They were greeted at the front door by a beautiful Japanese girl, in her early twenties by Teri’s best estimation, who bowed politely at the waist and asked Vicki if there was anything she needed. Vicki quickly brought the young girl up to speed on Teri’s situation at the hotel, and soon sent her on her way to retrieve her luggage. Teri was admiring the view of the United Nations and the East River when Vicki slipped up behind her, put her arms around her waist, and whispered in her ear, “Do you remember our nights together in the sorority, when I would take you like this and make love to you?” How could she forget, it was some of the best love making she had ever experienced, and Vicki always had brought out the best in her! “You know what I always liked best don’t you,” asked Vicki in a husky voice? Vicki answered her own question byletting her hands slide upward until they cupped Teri’s huge full chest and whispered, “Tell me, how big are they!?!” Teri, a little surprised at the sudden turn of events, managed to stammer, “38dd!” “You know how I’ve always loved big tits,” Vicki said smoothly, “and yours feel bigger than I remembered!” “I have a question for you,” asked Vicki, “have you had other women since we did it in college?” Shaking her head from side to side, Teri answered, “No, no one else, just you!” “Good,” Vicki exclaimed, “I want you for my own,” while she started unbuttoning Teri’s blouse, let’s get naked!!!”

Vicki let her eyes drink in the lusciousness of Teri’s full matronly body, absentmindedly reaching out and twisting one of Teri’s fat nipples, causing it harden immediately. The nipples reaction was not lost on either woman, and Vicki commented, “Nothing’s changed in all these years has it, you still can’t help yourself when you’re around me can you!?!” Teri whimpered softly, her vagina now a literal sieve of cunt juice. “Now,” observed Vicki, while feeling Teri’s open slit, “it seems that you have a problem in your vagina, and I was wondering if there was any way I could fix it for you?” “Please Vicki,” Teri pleaded, “don’t make me beg you, just do it!!!” “I’m surprised at you,” rebuked Vicki, “you know that I always make you beg for it, do you think a little passage of time will change that fact!?!” “No,” Teri panted, “I’m sorry, please, take care of it for me, I promise I’ll be a good little girl!!!” In the old days, Vicki might have teased Teri for up to half an hour, but now after all these years, her own cunt was on fire with anticipation, so she led Teri to the over stuffed sofa, sat her down, and spread her legs wide. Teri’s vaginal lips puffed out obscenely under her thick forest of gray flecked pubic hair, a sight that made Vicki’s own cunt contract in readiness! Another thing that remained the same was Teri’s need to have her breasts held and fondled during sex, and true to form, she was already softly rolling each erect nipple between an index finger and thumb. One last little tease, thought Vicki, and she asked, “Now, what is it you want me to do to you, I seem to have forgotten, it’s been so many years!!!” “Jesus, Vicki,” Teri moaned loudly, “eat me for god’s sake, you’re driving me up the wall!” Vicki chuckled, dropped to her knees, and the buried her mouth on the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted! Within two or three hard licks, Teri was having the first good orgasm since the death of her husband. It was as if a sexual avalanche was being let loose at the top of a high mountain, andit rolled over any and everything in its path! Vicki’s face was drenched with cunt juice, her cheeks shining brightly as the light reflected off her wet skin. “Now my turn,” Vicki said, “my own cunt is hot as a fire cracker!”

Vicki was just getting settled down on the sofa when the front door swung open and Minh Su, her young servant, came in with Teri’s suitcase and over night bag. Teri immediately tried to cover herself, but Minh Su hardly even raised an eye brow at the two naked middle aged women.Much to Vicki’s amusement, it was quite obvious that Teri was quite embarrassed by her predicament, and that it was time to have a little fun with her. “Minh Su,” called Vicki, “wouldyou please come over here and help me with a little problem I’m having?” Teri couldn’t believe what was happening and in a low voice hissed, “Are you crazy, she can see everything!?!” Vickijust ignored the conflagrations of her friend, and waited calmly for Minh Su. When she got there,Vicki asked her, “Dear, Teri is having a problem with her breasts, and well, to tell you the truth, they need to be sucked to relieve her tension, do you think you could take care of that for her, please?” Without hesitation, Minh Su stepped towards Teri and took a large nipple into her mouth and began sucking it softly. Teri’s eyes immediately glazed over as the little Asian expertlysucked her to nirvana. “Do you want me to stop her,” asked Vicki innocently? “No, please don’t stop her,” gasped Teri, “she’s unbelievable!!!” After several minutes of watching her young companion sucking Teri’s big chest, Vicki then ordered, “Okay, Minh Su, stand up and take off your clothes!” Teri watched in rapt fascination as the young beauty stripped herself naked, exposing what had to be the most incredible body she had ever seen. Slim, without and once of fat, small perfect breast with cute up turned nipples, long black hair that perfectly framed her face, and a thick vee of pubic hair over an pair of shaved puffy vaginal lips. “Now,” said Vicki, “as I was saying, what do you want to do now, Teri???” Teri licked her lips hungrily and answered softly, “ I want to eat her pussy!” Vicki motion for Minh Su to lie down on the couch and to spread her legs, her entire body was a wet dream come to life, with her pussy lips bulging full,an easy indicator that Minh Su was in a state of high sexual tension. When Teri’s mouth caressedthe Japanese girl’s nether lips, the young girl moan softly, and gently pushed her crotch into Teri’s hungry mouth. Teri pulled away long enough to say, “God Vic, she’s delicious, and these lips, they’re so puffy!!!” “Don’t talk, eat,” admonished Vicki, who by now was fingering her own wet vagina, watched while Teri’s head disappeared between the slim thighs of her young servant. Vicki’s finger flew over her engorged clitoris, transfixed at the sight of her old friend tonguingthe young Asian’s cunt, and equally turned on by Minh Su’s nearing climax. There was something about the way Minh Su came that always made Vicki’s clit do a flip flop, now, watching her grinding her pussy into Teri’s open mouth, well, it was more than Vicki could take!Her groan turned to a muffled scream, which in turn drove Minh Su past the point of no return!Both Vicki and Minh Su were both caught in a vortex of sexual excitement that caused both of their vaginas to spasm over and over again in orgasmic ecstasy! Vicki collapsed on the sofa next to Minh Su and gave the young girl a deep French kiss. Teri, finally pulling away from the warm buttery vagina, waited to get her kiss from her wonderful hostess and friend. “Thank you, Vic,”sighed Teri softly, “for a wonderful afternoon, the best I’ve had in years,” just before the two old friends kissed each other tenderly, relishing the taste of Minh Su’s juices, which still covered Teri’s face.

After they had dressed and Minh Su had gone to put Teri’s things in the guest bedroom, Vicki said, “Ya know, Teri, my bed is big enough for three, what do you think!?!” “I think that I can’t wait for bed time,” replied Teri, “we still have a lot of lost time to make up for!!!”

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